Q: Who is this course for?
This course is for every educator who feels or has felt the need to enhance their skills and be fully equipped to teach the 21st century learners.

Q: What does Post Program Support mean?
We believe in the holistic and fruitful expansion of educators. The courses are designed to hold your hand and walk you through the challenges you face as an educator.
Prior to the program, we will provide you resources to introduce you to the theme of the course. Post the program, you’ll be handed practical assignments to ensure experiential learning.

Q: How do I register?
You can visit the individual pages for the program on our website and carry out the transaction for the course you have selected.
Or you can also click the register now option in the menu tab and it will direct you to the registration form.

Q: I have registered, now what?
Ans. You shall receive some resources from us via email and Whatsapp related to the course that you have opted for.

Q: Can I opt for more than one course?
Yes, you can. These courses are spread out through July and August and will be held every Saturday in the afternoon so that you can attend as many courses as you want.

Q: My payment didn’t go through, what do I do?
We apologize for this inconvenience. We encourage you to reach out to your financial institution as further permissions may be needed to complete the payment. You are also welcome to write to info@edudevs.com for further guidance. Please wait a full 24 hours before trying again. A strong Internet connection and up-to-date browser are strongly recommended.

Q: Do I need specific equipment to take Online Courses?
You should have an up-to-date web browser such as: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.
Our Online Courses can be accessed on a mobile or tablet device, although we strongly encourage you to have access to a desktop or laptop computer and reliable internet connection for certain course components.